English Victorian Goat Cart AJG 5

$1,400.00 each Width: 24 in
Length: 65 in
Height: 36 in

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This is an amazing quality Victorian Goat Cart made in England circa 1890.  The cart is in unbelievably clean and sound original condition.  The wicker, the wheels, and the frame are all clean and sound.  The cart is made for 2 children to ride.  One child rides facing forward while one child rides facing backwards.  The wicker work is very pretty and shows it's wonderful Victorian influence in the style of the weave.  This is a very difficult item to find and next to impossible to find in the condition this one is in.  It is ready for you to hook a goat up to it and ride.  It measures 65 in. long x 24 in. wide x 36 in. tall.   

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